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Yes, of course! We gladly accept both running and non-running car donations with gratitude.
We accept donations of all kinds of vehicles, including cars, boats, RVs, motorcycles, trucks, busses and even airplanes! (Rvs, motorcycles and boats are subject to approval.)
When you donate your car to Junk For Joy, we’ll assess your car to determine how we can sell it for maximum value, be it at auction, private sale or by selling it for parts. If we have a need for it, we might even use your car donation for one of our charity programs. We use years of experience and data to ensure we’re getting the best price we can for your vehicle so you get the highest tax deduction possible and we make more for the kids we help.
Absolutely not. Pickup of your vehicle donation is always free.
Junk For Joy proudly offers free pickup of car donations across the USA.

When you pick up my car

You do not have to be home when we come to tow your car. You can leave your title and key in the glove compartment and we’ll take it from there. Remember to remove any personal belongings from the car beforehand.
Certainly. We can pick up your car from any location at all. We’ve even been called to get cars stuck on the side of the road!
We can arrange pickup virtually as soon as you need it. A local towing company will contact you to schedule the pickup within within 24 hours of your donation submission. Typically, pickup is scheduled for the next day or two, but we have been known to arrange a tow within just a few hours, when circumstances warranted it. Just let us know when you need the car picked up and we’ll do our best to make it happen.
We have a nationwide network of licensed and insured towing companies who we coordinate with to arrange pickup of vehicles donated to Junk For Joy. All our towing partners are professionals whom we trust to get the job done well.

My Tax Deduction

If your car sells for more than $500, you can deduct the full sale price, which will be the amount on your tax-deductible receipt. If your car sells for less than $500, you can deduct the fair market value of the car, up to $500.
Every car we receive is assessed based on its year, make and model, mileage and condition, and local market conditions. We use years’ worth of data to programmatically determine what sale option will give us the best value for the car.
You’ll receive a standard temporary receipt at the time of pickup. This is not the one you’ll use for your taxes. We’ll send you a tax-deductible receipt based on the sale price of your car after it sells, usually within 3-6 weeks of donating.

Plates and Titles

The license plates should be removed before pickup and returned to the DMV.

In the states of Arizona, California, Illinois, Minnesota and Washington, you must also turn in a release of liability to the DMV. In Washington, Illinois and Minnesota, this form is called a Report of Sale. In Alaska and Hawaii, you need to complete and return a Notice of Vehicle Sale, the transfer form that is attached to the bottom of your title.

On these forms, you should fill in our name and address: Junk For Joy, 17250 Dallas Pkwy, Dallas TX 75248. For the vehicle purchase price field, you can fill in “donation”.
You should print and sign your name in the Seller field on your title exactly the way it appears on the face of the title. This is the only place you should sign your title.
Yes, we can usually accept a vehicle without a title. We will need the registered owner to sign some paperwork for us instead.

Vacation Voucher

The vacation voucher is a 2-night/3-day hotel stay voucher for 2 adults and 2 children with 50 locations to choose from. You can find out more about the voucher on our vacation voucher page.
The hotel destinations offered in this program are 3 star hotels, similar in quality to the Choice Hotels brand and La Quintas.
There are no fees involved in using the vacation voucher. You will be only be responsible for the taxes on your hotel stay. You’ll also be asked for a $50 deposit, a standard hotel reservation requirement, which will be refunded to you as long as you follow the terms provided.

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